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China-US Business Summit Attending California Governor Candidate Campaign

The 9th China-US Business Summit

April 23 – May 5, 2019

Boston, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley

Meeting place:

• The capital and largest city of Massachusetts, US - Boston

• The “City of Angels”, largest city in the western United States, Los Angeles

• The world's most important high-tech research and development base - San Francisco Silicon Valley

Event Schedule 

Day 1, April 23 (Tuesday)

• Day time:

Capital Airport "2019 Tenth China-US Business Summit· Chinese Delegation Departure Ceremony", fly to Boston; pick up / hotel


• Evening:

The 10th China-US Business Summit· Welcome Banquet

Day 2, April 24 (Wednesday)

• Morning:

Harvard University Entrepreneur Leadership Training (Sixth Opening Ceremony)



Harvard Campus Culture: Dedicated to explaining the world's top university campus culture, visit Harvard University's Kennedy School of Political, Business School


• Evening:

Leadership course content, discussion, communication

(Inviting the assistant of the course professor to give an in-depth analysis of the teaching content of Professor Harvard)

Day 3 April 25 (Thursday)

• Morning:

Harvard University Entrepreneur Leadership Training (Completion Ceremony, Certificate of Completion)



Summit visit Cambridge City, MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Trinity Cathedral and other Boston area’s culture and history


• Evening:

China-US Business Summit· Mayor Welcome Conference· Boston Lobster Banquet

Day 4, April 26 (Friday)

• Morning:

Take a cruise on the Boston Harbor to the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the Boston Harbor 



Airport drop-off, fly to Los Angeles/Pick up, stay at the Millennium Hotel in the city that night (the most popular West Coast historic hotel for the US President)


Day 5, April 27 (Saturday)

All day:

China-US Business Summit· Business Study Tour: (choose one out of three choices)

• Various real estate inspections in the United States (school district commercial real estate)

• US film and television company visits and inspections (interpreting Hollywood's unique investment model)

• Oscar winners exchanges, meetings

Day 6, April 28 (Sunday)

• Morning:

2019 Tenth China-US Business Summit· Entrepreneur Welcome Banquet

(Western-style dinner in a five-star hotel, one by one for hundreds of Chinese and American entrepreneurs, and an international resource link)


2019 The 10th China-US Business Summit· Opening Ceremony

(The appearance of American politicians and the honor of entrepreneurs)

• Evening:

2019 10th China-US Business Summit· Millennium Business Cocktail Party

(Chinese and American celebrity painting and calligraphy exhibitions/ auctions)

China-US women fashion show (American fashion show, Chinese cheongsam show)

• Night:

American chain restaurant: Golden Corral restaurant, specialist explain American chain restaurant culture

Day 7, April 29 (Monday)

 China-US Business Summit · Theme Forum Day

• Morning:

"US Investment and Asset Allocation" Theme Forum


• China-US Business Summit designated wealth management agency · Akashi Fund

• “Invest in the United States” person in charge

• US SME Administration Officer

• Head of the world's largest merger law firm

• Representative of the Los Angeles Mayor's Office

(All kinds of investment and trust experts face-to-face exchange consultation, answer questions and solve problems)



"China-US Film and Television Cooperation Summit Forum" 

(Focus on Hollywood's cultural and creative industries, capturing opportunities for cooperation with big names)

"Chinese Beauty Leadership Forum"

(Expanding international cooperation channels and sharing women's entrepreneurship)

"China-US Real Estate Forum" 

(Compared with different real estate investment returns, experts understand the investment opportunities)

Summit featured business activities:

Hollywood meeting room / president private meeting / project release, communication (close up with experts, partners)

(Note: The above activities are carried out simultaneously in different locations)


• Evening:

China-US Business Summit· chairman’s speech (Authentic Chinese Food + Chinese Enterprises Landing in the US)


Day 8, April 30 (Tuesday)

• Morning:

Customized business trips for the summit:

The China-US Business Summit designated wealth management cooperation agencies: “American Lending Center” and “Sunstone Fund”; the agency currently has 68 projects involving 16 states in the United States, most of which are well-known brand real estate investment projects such as Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton. The total amount of funds reached 260 million US dollars. Agency brings together a team of American experts in a global array of assets, including investments, loans, and trusts; to provide face-to-face communication services for entrepreneurs.



  “The 10th Anniversary of the China-US Business Summit Activity”

Private yachts go to the Pacific Ocean, and Chinese and American entrepreneurs freely exchange activities.


• Evening:

Pacific Ocean view sunset, western dinner on yacht

Day 9, May 1 (Wednesday)

Day time:

US professional medical institution health checkup service

• American town study tour · Palm Springs (the rich resort in the desert)

• The second largest outlet in the US to experience business culture (choose one)

• Experience South American Business Culture at South Coast Plaza (choose one)

South Coast Plaza Mall, the number one store in the United States, is one of the best shopping districts in California, allowing you to experience the ultimate shopping pleasure.


• Evening:

17:00 Gather at Ontario Airport, flying to Silicon Valley


• Night:

Pick up, stay at Silicon Valley Hotel

Day 10, May 2 (Thursday)

All day:

2019 4th Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Festival · Opening Ceremony and Sub-forum (Capital embraces creativity· listens to the foreseeable future)

American experts guide the opportunity to invest in Silicon Valley


Dinner: Peer entrepreneur internal communication


Day 11, May 3 (Friday)

• Morning:

China-US Business Summit· Silicon Valley World Top High-tech Enterprises Visit

•      in the afternoon:

American-specific town study tour · NAPA VALLEY Napa's first established winery - Charles Cook (established in 1861), visits, classic wine tasting dinner, experience American culture in the field


Day 12, May 4th (Saturday)

• Morning:

China-US Enterprise Summit Tour: Stanford University

Dedicated to explain the campus culture of the world's top universities, and the special mechanism to encourage students to start a business during school. As well as understand the source of the formation and rise of the US Silicon Valley;


• Afternoon:

Airport drop off, fly to Beijing

Day 13, May 5 (Sunday)

Arrived in Beijing, ending the entire trip of the 2019 summit



1. To freely obtain TV feature films as a permanent commemoration, summit hired professional videographers to follow the whole process of filming and photographing the United States on both sides of the strait;

2. Summit hired professional photographers to record the classic moments from important scenes. All the photos were sorted, and distributed free of charge to meet the various purposes;

3. Organizing committee of the summit has the right to adjust the above itinerary according to the actual situation.

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