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China-US Business Summit Attending California Governor Candidate Campaign
2016 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival

Together with Hanhai Holdings and DingDing TV, the China-US Business Summit organized its first annual Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival, and launched it on April 28th in Silicon Valley. The guests of the Opening Ceremony of the Festival included a large number of scholars from the United States National Academy of Sciences, the Technology Director of the global capital market department of Morgan Stanley, the Vice President of Oracle headquarters, and more than 500 investors and high-technology patent owners.

This Festival serves as another international platform created by the Summit in order to promote communication and cooperation. The Summit will strive to further the success of the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival year after year. Together with our partners, we are confident that we can provide entrepreneurs with a fest of creations and ideas, and a strong platform to further their business and capital.
Chairman of the Summit, Steven Shen, gave his warm and passionate speech at the opening ceremony.
Steven stated that the situation reminded him of the birth of China-US Business Summit 7 years ago. After 7 years of development, the China-US Business Summit has become the number one non-governmental platform for communication between China and the US. The summit functions not only as annual enterprise summit, but also as a service provider for daily business matchmaking. The Summit serves not only over 3,800 members in China and the US, but also high-end entrepreneur classes demanding top American resources, such as the Global CEO Class of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Silicon Valley is the center of the world’s technology and creativity. It is the area that has achieved and will continue to achieve many successes and many miracles. We created the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival in this magical city in order to achieve our core target of offering start-up companies with the power of capital, allowing their ideas to keep growing.
Entrepreneurship has become a spirit and an overall quality. On days when the competition is fiercer than ever, entrepreneurship has become the perpetual answer. It does not matter if you are young and just starting out, or if you are a CEO with a grown business empire, your entrepreneurship will stay with you forever, preparing you to become an outstanding player amongst the competition. When you are tired on the road, or running out of ideas during the process, we are waiting for you at the Entrepreneurs Festival in Silicon Valley. Let’s “Meet in Silicon Valley, Create through the world.”
Hanguang Wang, Chairman of Board of Hanhai Holdings, stated in his opening speech that as the representative district of an innovation-driven economy, Silicon Valley has the scientific research capabilities, entrepreneurial culture, and venture capitals that all work as part of an engine to boost new economies in the US. It is because of this reputation, that we launched the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival. Through cooperation, we can create an international platform that gathers international elites, integrating the world’s resources. Weiping Ding, President of DingDing TV, emphasized on the interactive relationship between integration of new media and technology innovation. Ding stated that she was willing to base her company in Silicon Valley, using her own resources to provide a media platform of high quality for technology innovation and to provide capital for entrepreneurs.
Hanguang Wang, Chairman of Board of Hanhai Holdings, Chairman of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival, Luke Kowalski, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture of Oracle, Shoucheng Zhang, scholars of National Academy of Sciences, nominee of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Professors of Stanford University, along with over 90 entrepreneurs and scholars in innovation, entrepreneurship, investment and technology industries participated in Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival. Additionally, over 100 start-up companies and 150 enterprises from Mainland China attended the event.
Business plan competitions were introduced at the festival as outstanding projects were selected for their
performance and promotions from a pool of hundreds of entries, serving as a platform of various resources for entrepreneurial projects.

After its Opening Ceremony, the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival simultaneously introduced four themed forums, such as Virtual Technology Applications and Precision Medicine, and praised a number of outstanding enterprises and individuals in the investment industry.

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