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China-US Business Summit Attending California Governor Candidate Campaign
The 3rd China-US Business Summit Upgraded Comprehensively
Date:2012-4-23 Source:China-US Business

Three Cities, Three Chapters    

Perfect Matchmaking of Eastern and Western Coasts

The 3rd China-US Business Summit Upgraded Comprehensively

Special Report  April 17, 2012



It’s leaned from the Organizing Committee of China-US Business Summit today that the 3rd China-US Business Summit has achieved a comprehensive upgrade in its scale, standard and form. The number of Chinese entrepreneurs officially permitted to participate in the Summit and American entrepreneurs formally signing up for it increases 40% than that in the previous two Summits. In total, about 500 American entrepreneurs have signed for the Summit held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York respectively. After one year’s preparation, the Summit establishes three major forum sessions, namely “Sino-US Media Cooperation Forum”, “Sino-US Education Forum” and “Sino-US Investment and Finance Forum” this year. Most of the Chinese and American enterprises participating in these three forum sessions are the leading enterprises in their own industries. For instance, those participants from the media, film and television industries include US MGM, Twentieth Century Fox, Annenberg School of University of Southern California and the Chinese participants include School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University, Brand Marketing Communication and CSM Media Research. Those Chinese and American enterprises participating in the Sino-US Investment and Finance Session include Long Beach Chamber of Commerce of the United States, America Asia Trade Promotion Association, Law Office of Scott Warmuth, School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, China CEO Brand Club and Change Times Information Management Co., Ltd. In order to meet the demands of Chinese and American participants, the Summit will be held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York respectively, effectively providing perfect matchmaking for the cooperation between enterprises from eastern and western coasts.


The comprehensive upgrade of the 3rd China-US Business Summit is indeed reflected in the scale, feasibility and whole track of service of the Sino-US cooperation projects.

According to the preliminary statistics of the Organizing Committee, so far, 11 cooperative projects and 16 special projects will be matched during the Summit. Two Hollywood screenwriter and director wining the Oscar Award will officially announce the specifics of shooting films with Chinese enterprises in the “Hollywood Reception Hall” of the Summit.

US Veronica ·Rennes Media Company has officially announced to cooperate with Chinese children publisher in the form of share transfer.

A package of cooperation and development projects of Golden Coast, located in Long Beach City of the United States, will be fully introduced to Chinese and American cooperative parties to conduct field investigation and cooperative negotiation.

Chinese Jingdong Yumei Kidney Diseases Hospital, Zhongmei Group, US Graduate Institute and Claremont College will conduct cooperative exploration on the global cutting-edge research on the influence of various stem cells on chronic diseases such as kidney diseases, bone diseases, diabetes and anti-aging and the clinical therapeutic effects for the purpose of stimulating researchers’ inspiration and ideas to deeply observe the attack and pathology of the aforementioned diseases and find the possible and potential treatments and therapeutic effects based on the results through  implementing different stem cell therapy in animal models by experimental means, thus providing powerful theoretical evidences for clinical treatment.



As the only standing private transnational exchange organization in the United States and China, China-US Business Summit has been providing project matchmaking and exchange on trade and culture for enterprises and investors from both countries year by year. Its comprehensive upgrade this year has aroused highly concern of the political circles, business circles and academic circles in China and America. By now, the Summit has received the official replies of participation, telegrams and notes of congratulations sent from Mr. Qiu Shaofang, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles, Mr. Jin Deben, Secretary General of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Mr. Ed Royce, US Congressman, Mr. Michael Honda, US Congressman, Ms. Judy May Chu, US Congresswoman, Mr. Bob Huff, Senator of US California, Mr. Curt Hagman, California Congressman Mr. Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada, Mr. Oscar Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas City, Mr. Bob Foster, Mayor of Long Beach City and Mr. Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City.



                               By Wu Zongqun



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