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China-US Business Summit Attending California Governor Candidate Campaign
Business Matchmaking - 2015
Date:2017-3-21 Source:

• One Productions Company General Manager Liu Xiaoning, Jumei Culture Company CEO Luan Wensheng and Hollywood Motion Picture Company’s President discussed filming and television production projects.

• Huashi Pharmaceutical Holdings Chairman Dai Xinmin and Council of American States in China President Paul Swenson discussed biopharmaceutical projects.

• Hebei Yejing Real Estate Development Company President Sun Zhiping signed an investment and

immigration agreement with Manhattan’s largest hotel real estate investor, Lam Group.

• Richard Anderson and Remax (Beijing) International Investment Advisory Company President Peng Lijuan discussed television and filming cooperation projects.

• Hubei Jingjia Auto Parts Co., Ltd., General Manager Zhang Jing chatted with United States TEC Fontana Company Assistant Sales Manager and General Manager about truck design. The Summit Organizing Committee arranged special staff to accompany her visit to the company’s maintenance and repair workshop. The two sides exchanged thoughts about their management experience. This visit allowed.

US entrepreneurs to learn about the huge market in China, while General Manager Zhang Jing also witnessed the sophisticated American management system. She hoped that in the future, she could bring in America’s advanced management system to enhance her Chinese company. The visit also built a solid foundation for future cooperation. It also helped the Chinese truck industry get in line with international standards.

Mr. Michael J. DiNorscia, Managing Director of Sweet 100, launching his restaurant real estate projects

Mr. Bruce Coleman, Economic Development Director of the City of Murrieta, Ms. Liu Yan, third time attending the summit, talking about US projects.

Mr. Rick Gibbs, mayor of Murrieta, Mr. Meng Beiming, second time attending the summit, discussing international cooperation in education.


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